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PrEP Fact Sheet (PDF) - June 2013
PrEP Trials Table (PDF) - July 2013
PrEP Trials Timeline
(PDF, JPG) - May 2011
PrEP Trials Map
(PDF, JPG) - May 2012
PrEP Primer
(PDF) - February 2011 
PrEP using daily oral TDF/FTC or TDF in Women (and Men): What the science tells us (PDF) - September 2012
"Connecting the Dots" PrEP trials table
- (PDF, JPG) - February 2011
What PrEP is and What PrEP is not - (PDF) - March 2011

The PrEP fact sheet (PDF) is also available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai. These versions were last updated in October 2010.

Guidance on PrEP Usage

World Health Organization

US Centers for Disease Control

The British HIV Association/British Association for Sexual Health and HIV

Southern African HIV Clinicians Society Consensus Committee

PrEP-related webinars and teleconferences

Earlier webinars and teleconferences are available at www.avac.org/meetingreports.

Additional materials

"Next steps for PrEP: Getting a proven prevention option to the people who need it" - appearing in GMHC's Treatment Issues, June 2013

ACHIEVE — A Quarterly Journal on HIV Prevention, Treatment and Politics

Rectal Microbicides: How do we rethink decades of prevention programs that equated condoms with safer sex and left few other choices?

A Cascade of Hope and Questions
is a two-part series (part of AVAC's Anticipating and Understanding Results series) designed to help advocates prepare for the issues raised by recent and upcoming results from ARV-based prevention trials.

PrEP at CROI 2011 -
ARV-based Prevention: A community and research forum on recent results and what happens next

Interim Guidance on PrEP
Organizations are beginning to offer interim guidance to health care providers on PrEP as an HIV prevention strategy for gay men and other men who have sex with men.

iPrEx Trial Update - (Q1 2009), (Q2 2009), (Q3 2010), (Q4 2010)
These updates provided trial information and community perspectives on the iPrEx trial while it was ongoing. Visit the iPrEX webpage to find these resources in other languages.

Funding for PrEP R&D in 2010 - HIV Vaccines and Microbicides Resource Tracking Working Group - July 2011

Taking it to the Streets: Engaging in-country stakeholders to plan for possible PrEP implementation -
PDF, May 2010

FEM-PrEP Trial Newsletter
(Issue 2 - July 09), (Issue 1 - January 09)
The FEM-PrEP clinical trial is led by Family Health International (FHI) and is designed to test the safety and effectiveness of Truvada for HIV prevention.  The FEM-PrEP Trial newsletter provides news and updates on the trial progression.

Consultation on the Intermittent PrEP (iPrEP) Research Agenda - Summary of a think tank sponsored by amfAR and AVAC, December 2009
AVAC and amfAR convened a one-day meeting of leaders from research and research sponsor agencies to review the status of biomedical, behavioral and animal research relevant to iPrEP, identify gaps in this research, and suggest priorities for moving forward.

PrEP: What is it? How may it help women? PowerPoint presentation - Global Campaign for Microbicides, August 2009

PrEP: What does it mean for women?
Fact sheet
- Global Campaign for Microbicides, August 2009

PrEP 101 Slide set - May 2009

The PrEP Implementation Puzzle: Many missing pieces, AVAC Report 2009 - May 2009

Part of the Solution: Setting expectations for WHO and UNAIDS
AVAC Report May 2009

Research Rashomon: Lessons from the Cameroon Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Trial Site - Global Campaign for Microbicides, May 2009

Preventing Prevention Trial Failures: A Case Study and Lessons for Future Trials from the 2004 Tenofovir Trial in Cambodia - Global Campaign for Microbicides, May 2009

Oral Tenofovir Controversy II. Report of the tenofovir controversy from the perspectives of the community voices from the field - New HIV Vaccine and Microbicide Advocacy Society, April 2009

A Lexicon of Intermittent PrEP Possibilities - PrEP Committee Research Working Group, February 2009

"Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis: Could It Work?" - Sharon Hillier's plenary at CROI 2009, February 2009

Preparing for PrEP: Policy, Practice and Politics - AVAC Think Tank on PrEP Financing in the US, December 2008
Colleagues from multiple disciplines met for a one-day, AVAC-sponsored think tank examining how PrEP for HIV prevention might be funded or reimbursed through insurance mechanisms in the United States should it prove safe and effective. The think tank took forward discussions on PrEP implementation strategies by identifying key regulatory, legal, and financial challenges to PrEP implementation.

Meeting Summary for Trials of Intermittent Dosing of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) - AVAC Think Tank, December 2008
In December 2008, AVAC held a one-day think tank where colleagues from multiple agencies and research disciplines discussed key scientific questions to be addressed in evaluating the merits of future prevention research on intermittent use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (“iPrEP”) for prevention of HIV.

Anticipating/Understanding results from PrEP trials (English and Spanish) August 2008
This report provides background on PrEP research, the status of current clinical trials, and issues concerning effective delivery should PrEP prove effective. It closes with a list of priority issues that need attention from governments, global health institutions, donors, researchers, and advocates.

Expecting (and managing) the unexpected: Reality check for PrEP and other new prevention options - Preparing for PrEP: Policy, Practice and Politics August 2008
The bulk of the session was devoted to a scenarios-based discussion in which panelists were asked to comment on issues while considering a range of possible results.

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