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Advocate's Toolkit for HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2013 -
AVAC, May 2013

AVAC has developed materials designed to change assumptions and raise awareness around AIDS vaccine research.

HIV Vaccines: Building on success - March 2013
P5 follow-on studies of RV144

What About AIDS Vaccines? Four Issues to Watch - AVAC, September 2011
Takes stock of a field whose recent developments have been eclipsed by the headline-making news about PrEP and ARV-based prevention for HIV-positive people.

Vaccine Trial Table (PDF) - AVAC, April 2012
Table contains information about ongoing trials of HIV vaccine trials.

Vaccine Fact Sheet (PDF) - AVAC 
This fact sheet provides basic information on AIDS vaccines, one of the options being tested now as part of the effort to identify additional tools to reduce the risk of HIV transmission. There are no vaccines as yet to prevent HIV infection.

AIDS Vaccine - The Basics (PPT) - AVAC, April 2013
This presentation provides an overview of what a vaccine is, how an AIDS vaccine would work, where we stand today in the search, and how to get involved.

Thai AIDS Vaccine Trial Update page - AVAC 
This webpage provides materials to help our readers in anticipating and understanding the results of the Phase III AIDS vaccine trial in Thailand.

The Road to Developing an AIDS Vaccine: Lessons Learned in Research and Advocacy
Mitchell Warren, AVAC's Executive Director, speaks as part of the Third Annual Beth Waters Memorial Lecture Presentations

Vax update page: Step, Phambili, PAVE 100, and HVTN 505 - AVAC
This page includes information on the Step and Phambili trials of Merck's MRK-Ad5 vaccine candidate (immunizations were stopped in September 2007) as well as information on the NIH Vaccine Research Center's DNA prime/Ad5 boost vaccine strategy, initially planned to be tested in the proposed PAVE 100 vaccine trial. The strategy is now slated to be tested in a test-of-concept trial known as HVTN 505.

Funding for HIV Vaccine R&D in 2010 - HIV Vaccines and Microbicide Resource Tracking Working Group, July 2011
The working group took a look at HIV vaccine R&D funding in the context of scientific advances in a declining economy.

Estimating the Impact of an AIDS Vaccine in Developing Countries, IAVI Policy Brief - IAVI, 2009
This policy brief examines the potential impact that an AIDS vaccine could have on the pandemic in developing countries.  It includes updates from results of earlier studies to reflect newer and more accurate data on the pandemic’s characteristics.

Ending the AIDS Epidemic in our Lifetime, AVAC Report - AVAC, 2011
Recent breakthroughs in HIV prevention research have created unprecedented opportunities to curb new HIV infections, save lives and set the world on a path toward eliminating HIV transmission in our lifetimes. To capitalize on today's opportunities, the global AIDS response urgently needs a coherent, long-term plan.
Deliver Proven Tools for Immediate Impact
Demonstrate and Roll Out New HIV Prevention Tools
Develop Long-Term Solutions to Needed to End the Epidemic

AIDS Vaccine Handbook
- AVAC, 2005
Published in 2005, the AIDS Vaccine Handbook (second edition) provides an overview of the key scientific, policy, social, ethical, and economic challenges related to AIDS vaccine development. The easy-to-read, lively essays are written by community educators and advocates, trial staff, participants, scientists, policy-makers, and journalists.

Introduction to AIDS Vaccines (flash presentation) - AVAC
Check out this online tool to learn about AIDS vaccines! This version includes audio, animated graphics, and the ability to easily navigate the presentation

Michael Palm Basic Science, Vaccines and Prevention Project (BSVP) -  TAG
The BSVP Project works with HIV community members, scientists, and policy makers to enhance public understanding of the science of HIV infection, address gaps in HIV research, critique the research effort, and foster cross-disciplinary collaborations to accelerate research into understanding how HIV causes disease (HIV pathogenesis) and speed the development of effective immune-based therapies, preventive technologies, and a cure.

AIDS Vaccine Blueprint 2008: A Challenge to the Field, A Roadmap for Progress - IAVI, 2008 (précis) (full)
In its biennial AIDS Vaccine Blueprint: A Challenge to the Field, a Roadmap for Progress, IAVI puts forth a series of concrete recommendations to help guide future AIDS vaccine research and development, including a series of interim milestones against which progress in the field can be charted.

VaxLit AIDS Vaccine Literacy Toolkit - IAVI
The VaxLit Toolkit, consisting of a reference manual, a participatory training guide, fact sheets and a user guide, can be adapted for use in various cultural and linguistic contexts. The toolkit is intended for use by the HIV and AIDS field at large, not exclusively by IAVI and its affiliated research centers.

Scientific Strategic Plan  - Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise
The Enterprise Scientific Strategic Plan (SSP), published in 2005, described the major challenges facing the field and made recommendations for changes necessary to accelerate HIV vaccine research at that time. Since its publication, much has changed. Importantly, the unanticipated results of the Phase IIb STEP and Phambili clinical trials were announced in 2007, serving as a wake-up call to the HIV community that the search for an HIV vaccine remains an elusive goal requiring an even greater commitment of resources, new ideas, and novel approaches.

Ending AIDS: The Search for a Vaccine (DVD) - 2005
The Ending AIDS: The Search for a Vaccine DVD is the complex and compelling story of one of the greatest scientific and technological challenges ever: the search for an AIDS vaccine.

The HIV Vaccines Awareness Raising Programme and The HIV Vaccines Community Education Programme - SAAVI

Finding Your Way: A guide to understanding ethical issues related to preventive HIV vaccine clinical trial participation - AVAC & ICASO, 2005
Developed by AVAC in partnership with the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO), this guide provides an introduction to the ethical principles raised in preventive HIV vaccine research and development, and examples of some of the actions taken to honor those principles.
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