An End to AIDS: A new report analyzing key prevention successes

July 22, 2019

AVAC is pleased to share a new report, Translating Progress into Success to End the AIDS Epidemic, produced in collaboration with amfAR and Friends of the Global Fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The report highlights six different places – London, Malawi, New South Wales, Rakai, San Francisco and Thailand – that have successfully reduced new HIV diagnoses and AIDS-related deaths through a combination of biomedical, policy, structural and rights-based interventions. The response in each location was tailored to its context and epidemic, but there are common elements that others can adapt to any context.

The report also includes a global timeline looking ahead to 2030, with “headlines of the future,” noting potential policy and research advances, as well as other social and structural changes that, based on current evidence, would directly impact progress on HIV.

Translating Progress into Success to End the AIDS Epidemic provides a roadmap for other cities, districts, states and countries to expand rights-based prevention and treatment today for immediate public health impact, while maintaining the long-term policy and research agendas for a sustainable end to the epidemic.

The bottom line is clear: Ending the epidemic is not simple anywhere, but possible everywhere.

The report was released today at a press conference at the IAS Conference on HIV Science 2019 in Mexico City with representatives from the collaboration. Link here for the press release announcing the publication of the report.

To learn more about the case studies and see a vision for a future where the end of the AIDS epidemic is within reach, you can find the full report at