Centering Communities

Putting people and communities at the center of our work

We connect global and national decision-makers to a global network of advocates who prioritize community voices and bring accountability to prevention science and policy.

More than 40 years of HIV prevention advocacy has demonstrated the essential role communities must play for the world to achieve epidemic control and advance global health. The history of HIV advocacy is unique; affected communities came together calling out their needs and demanding justice. The result has been a smarter, more equitable, more effective response to a global health threat than ever seen before. 

AVAC connects the global response to the real needs of affected people, and we do this by:

  • working in solidarity with communities to understand, bring attention to and support for efforts to address the root causes of inequity that inform and imperil HIV prevention and global health;
  • connecting decision-makers to a global network of advocates to put the perspectives of affected communities at the center of research and policy;
  •  supporting communities to understand the science and process of R & D and policy making; and
  • creating platforms for discussion, debate and advocacy.

The Latest on Centering Communities


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