Our Projects

Collaboration, innovation and impact

We believe that the struggle to end the AIDS epidemic depends on delivering effective HIV prevention, which in turn depends on resilient health systems incorporating policies and practices that protect equity at every level of society, from global to national to local.

This means continued scientific research to develop long-term solutions to HIV, such as vaccines and a functional cure. It means unprecedented coordination to turn existing options, and those still in development, into real choices by delivering what people need for prevention where, when and how they want it. 

As AVAC and our partners champions this work, our advocacy also focuses on how these efforts must be integrated into equitable health systems. The next pandemic is inevitable, and the existing threats to global health remain urgent. The answer for us all is to tear down the silos, support the most affected communities to lead in the decisions, and refuse to give up. Scroll down for a list of AVAC’s current projects carrying these commitments forward.