Combination Prevention

Expanded combination prevention to bring the epidemic to a conclusive end

What is Combination Prevention?

Combination prevention is a set of strategically-selected interventions that matches the needs of a given country or community—and is delivered at the scale needed to make an impact. It means doing less of something and far more of others. It means making tough decisions and measuring impact.

Advocacy for Combination Prevention

There are emerging global definitions of what combination prevention is, and evolving models of what it can achieve. AVAC works with advocates to define what combination prevention means in a given context, track country and donor alignment with a combination prevention strategy and ensure that there is an implementation science agenda to fill in gaps in knowledge.

HIV Prevention Research & Development Database (PxRD)

The database allows users to view clinical trials around the world, gaining an understanding of the many developments currently being made in the field of HIV prevention research.

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The Latest on Combination Prevention


Advancing Choice in HIV Prevention

In recent weeks, important new resources for advancing choice in HIV prevention have been announced. Don’t miss these highlights from the field. They point to an HIV response in transition, and help to define the role advocacy must play.


From Brisbane to Chicago: A look at STIs, HIV and global health

Late July saw two nearly simultaneous conferences on the future of research and advocacy for HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). IAS 2023 in Brisbane and the 2023 STI and HIV World Congress (also known as ISSTDR) in Chicago are landmark annual events.


New Publications On The Dual Prevention Pill And The MPT Landscape

The research journal Frontiers in Reproductive Health has published a special issue on multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) with ten articles exploring the latest thinking on MPT development from “bench to bedside.” Among them, an article co-authored by AVAC’s Kate Segal and partners in our Dual Prevention Pill (DPP) ConsortiumEquipping providers to offer novel MPTs: Developing counseling messages for the Dual Prevention Pill in clinical studies and beyond, reports on recommendations for counseling users on the DPP.