Our People

Committed to advancing HIV prevention and global health equity

Our Staff

AVAC has more than 40 employees working with partners around the world to push for the funding, focus, implementation and research that’s needed to accelerate the ethical development and global delivery of new HIV prevention options as part of a comprehensive response to the pandemic. Meet our staff below!

Our Board

AVAC is led by a diverse and influential Board of Directors who share a deep commitment to HIV prevention and global health equity. Together they draw from decades of experience in research, advocacy and leadership in global health, HIV and grassroots community activism. Meet the AVAC Board!

AVAC Staff

Alexa Alexander

Human Resources Coordinator

Jeanne Baron

Senior Producer & Editor

Wanda Buckner

Finance Director

Levi Butcher

Coordinator: Operations

Manju Chatani

Director: Partnerships & Capacity Strengthening

Kenyon Farrow

Director: Communications

Cindra Feuer

Senior Program Manager: Partnerships & Capacity Strengthening

Alison Footman

Senior Program Manager: Sexually Transmitted Infections

Annette Gaudino

Global AIDS Policy Partnership Advocacy Coalition Manager

Saira George Carballo

Senior Manager for Product Introduction & Access, and Long-Acting PrEP Coalition

Randy Goetz

Senior Manager: Human Resources

Kalob Gossett

Program Coordinator: Product Introduction & Access and Long-Acting PrEP Coalition

Deirdre Grant

Director: Program Coordination

Stacey Hannah

Director: Research Engagement

Micky Hingorani

Senior Manager: Digital & Technology

Navita Jain

Senior Program Manager: Research Engagement

Bridget Jjuuko

Regional Partnerships Manager for Global Movement Building

Angelo Katumba

Senior Program Manager: Partnerships & Capacity Strengthening

Erin Kiernon

Chief Operating Officer

Grace Kumwenda

Regional Program Manager for Research Engagement

Breanne Lievense

Program Manager: Research Engagement

Justine MacWilliam

Senior Program Manager: Partnership Action Plan

Suraj Madoori

Director: Policy Advocacy

John W. Meade, Jr.

Senior Program Manager: Policy

Shiva Mozaffarian

Program Manager for Data Analytics

Richard Muko

Senior Program Manager of Regional Implementation Advocacy

Hannah Nelson

Program Manager, Capacity Strengthening & Partnerships

Estelle Ngaba

Finance Manager

Wawira Nyagah

Director: Product Introduction & Access

Arlene Osborne-Francois

Finance Manager

Daisy Ouya

Communications Manager

Samantha Rick

Manager: Multilateral/Pandemic Preparedness and Response (PPR) Advocacy Specialist

Jason Rosenberg

Communications Manager

Jessica Salzwedel

Senior Program Manager: Research Engagement

Rachel Saunders

Program Assistant: Research Engagement

Kate Segal

Senior Program Manager: Product Introduction & Access

Nandisile (Luthuli) Sikwana

Regional Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Abigail Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Roberta Sutton

Senior Program Manager: Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

Janki Tailor

Data Manager for Product Introduction and Access

Isha Tendolkar

Program Coordinator: Policy Advocacy

Grace Tetteh

Program Manager: Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

Catherine Verde Hashim

Program Manager: Product Introduction & Access

Alysha White

Senior Manager: Program Coordination

Mitchell Warren

Executive Director


Maureen Luba

Senior Advisor: Global Policy

Kay Marshall

Senior Communications Advisor

Jim Pickett

Senior Advisor

Bill Snow

Senior Advisor