What We Do

Advocacy for prevention innovation to end AIDS is the heart of AVAC’s work.

For the first time, the end of the global AIDS epidemic is within reach.

With our partners worldwide, we’re pushing for the funding, focus, implementation and research that’s needed to make it happen. advocacy agenda that spans, unites and clarifies these three areas.

Accelerating Product Innovation and Availability

We invest in efforts to understand potential product users, compile and analyze market data, and convene decision-makers to more effectively design and implement programs that increase access to prevention options.

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Advocating for Equitable Access to Prevention

We work with partners to develop and pursue bold national, regional, and international agendas that advance HIV prevention and global health equity.

We improve trial design and trial conduct by bringing together researchers, trial-site staff, civil society groups, policymakers, trial participants and their communities to put the perspectives of affected communities at the center of research.

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Centering Communities, GPP & More

We champion the Good Participatory Guidelines and connect decision-makers to a network of research-savvy advocates prioritizing community voices and bring accountability to prevention science and policy.

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Supporting a Global Movement

We prioritize skills-sharing and knowledge-exchange among communities, advocates, civil society, researchers, donors, policy-makers and other stakeholders, at every level of decision-making, from local to national to global.

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Tracking and Translating the Field

We track and translate both community advocacy and complex science to make the science accessible and position community priorities at the center of global health. 

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