Tracking and Translating the Field

Bridging the scientific field and communities where research happens

We track and translate complex science, funding and policy decisions, community advocacy and more, to make it accessible, give context, identify gaps and opportunities for advocacy and ensure community priorities are at the center of global health. 

HIV prevention research and development is accelerating, with more options available than ever before. But progress toward crucial targets to end the epidemic and prepare for future ones has been far too slow. New leadership, research, and commitments at the global, national, and local levels bring power and potential to strengthen and advance HIV prevention and global health equity, however, but we need to ensure that new policies and product access initiatives are inclusive and donors and decision makers are accountable. 

AVAC tracks important issues, in research, policy, financing, news headlines and more. With colleagues and partners, we analyze the data, issues, policy and perspectives, and we translate it into useful and usable resources that all can use to inform their work. We do this by: 

  • developing and sharing communications, reports and materials that provide accessible, up-to-date resources on the full spectrum of biomedical HIV prevention products from research to rollout and real-time analysis of emerging developments; 
  • keeping pace with and widely sharing information on emerging developments in the field of HIV prevention research through various databases and accessible online platforms; 
  • promoting informed decision making, evidence-based advocacy and awareness raising around timely issues in HIV prevention research and product development, as well as integration with other related areas of health; and
  • convening conversations, meetings, and workshops with various stakeholders to share complex science to ensure that communities, advocates, and decision makers have clear, accurate, equitable, and timely access to information to strengthen evidence-based advocacy, policies, and programs.

The Latest on Tracking and Translating the Field


A Champion for the Dual Prevention Pill

We’ve got PrEP. We’ve got contraceptives. But what impact would there be on reducing HIV diagnoses if PrEP and contraception were rolled into one? The development of products and programs that integrate HIV prevention with other critical health-care needs is on the cusp of a new chapter. With advances in the development of the Dual Prevention Pill (DPP), a focus now on the role of multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) and how to integrate HIV services with sexual & reproductive health (SRH) is a must.


Advocates’ Guide to Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs)

Multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) are products designed to simultaneously address more than one sexual and reproductive health concern. This advocates’ guide shows the pipeline of products in development, discusses why MPTs are needed, investment, and what advocates can do to push for MPT development and introduction.