Our Partners

Working in solidarity to raise up the voices of affected communities

AVAC’s advocacy is grounded in its partnerships with civil society, researchers, policy makers and many other stakeholders working in HIV prevention. Working in coalition, we develop strategies that reflect context (local, national and global) and best practice and then collaborate to pursue concrete outcomes.

Our partnership network brings together a broad range of perspectives, information, and expertise, ensuring that the HIV response and advocacy for global health equity is informed by community voices and experiences, in addition to scientific research.

  • Our partners push to keep prevention on the agenda at national and global levels.
  • They make sure that clear and accurate information about clinical research and complex science is made accessible to communities that are most impacted.
  • Their voices accelerate ethical research and equitable access, and their oversight demands accountability so that interventions that work, reach those who need them most.

Partnership Strategy

Partnerships are a cornerstone of AVAC’s work, and supporting a strong network of partners is critical to amplify our collective impact. In 2020, AVAC pursued an indepth process to develop a partnership strategy, involving extensive engagement with our broad network of collaborators. Our goal is to contribute to dynamic and impactful collaborations that are instrumental to ending AIDS and advancing global health equity.