Prevention Options

AVAC advocates for a comprehensive response to the epidemic, involving smart use of every proven prevention strategy available today and sustained research, development and equitable deployment of innovative new strategies.

Antibody Related Research

Increasing focus on broadly neutralizing antibodies

Combination Prevention

Expanded combination prevention to bring the epidemic to a conclusive end


Affordable, accessible condoms are fundamental to HIV and STI prevention


The role of cure in controlling and ending the epidemic


A critical option to expand choice

Multipurpose Prevention Technologies

Options simultaneously addressing more than one sexual and reproductive health concern

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)

An emergency option for people who may have been exposed to HIV


PrEP works. Investment in more options must continue. Faster, smarter rollout must be a top priority.


HIV testing is an important step in connecting people to prevention and treatment.

Treatment U=U

Treatment saves lives, and prevents HIV transmission.

Vaccines for Prevention

Vaccines are a powerful public health tool and the bedrock of sustainable epidemic control.

Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision

Voluntary medical male circumcision is a cost-effective approach that could prevent millions of HIV infections.