Advocating for Health Equity

Shaping a new era of global health investment, policy, planning and prevention

AVAC Meeting in NYC

Advocacy and activism have been a linchpin in the history of HIV treatment and prevention. The visionary work of passionate advocates has resulted in hard-fought global gains against HIV.

AVAC is part of a robust civil society movement helping to shape a new era of global health spending and planning related to HIV prevention. We mobilize to ensure programs, products and policies are evidence-based, inclusive and effective. With our partner network, we identify critical needs and develop strategic campaigns to advance HIV prevention, with a focus on ensuring a rich pipeline of options move through research and development, and rollout effectively to reach the communities who need them most.

Our advocacy takes place:

  • Where funders, policies and programs come together.
  • At the point of service delivery, where options from the pipeline must become choices in people’s lives. 
  • At Parliaments, State Houses, Ministries of Health, National legislatures, and international bodies,to press for global and country accountability.
  • In the hands of robust and sophisticated coalitions of African-led civil society organizations.