November 10, 2022

The International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) convenes next week November 14- 17, in Pattaya City, Thailand. ICFP is the world’s largest gathering of family planning (FP) and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) professionals in the world and is a platform for advocates, researchers, and stakeholders to help achieve access to family planning for all.

At AVAC we know that making options real choices is key to effective prevention. We’ll be at ICFP advocating for multilayered prevention, an approach that can—and should—integrate both SRH and HIV information, services and products, including multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs), such as condoms or the Dual Prevention Pill; and embed these services and products in “multisectoral strategies”, such as policy reform, community norms-changing and economic empowerment. Learn more about how SRH integration should be at the center of products, policies, and programs in a video called “What Does Successful HIV/SRH Integration Require?”.

Follow AVAC and FP2030 for more on-the-ground updates at ICFP, and be on the lookout for a special Twitter takeover from AVAC’s own Kate Segal who will share a day-of perspective on November 15 live from our Twitter feed!

If you are participating in ICFP, make sure to check out AVAC’s sessions below.

Tuesday, November 15 – Wednesday, November 16

The DPP (Dual Prevention Pill) would be a revolutionary tool to prevent HIV and unintended pregnancy. It is one of the many multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) products poised to address multiple health prevention needs. Although a lot of the groundwork of the DPP is in place, including a coalition of organizations committed to the acceleration of the product named The DPP Project, there is still much work to be done to advocate meaningful investment in communities and ensuring universal access when rollout happens.

Tuesday, November 15


An all-Inclusive Look: Tailored FP Services to Meet the Needs of LGBTI groups, with FP2030, where AVAC will have the opportunity to present our commitment to take specific actions to expand access to voluntary, rights-based contraception.

Wednesday, November 16

10:15 – 11:30

Nothing About Us Without Us: Putting Advocates at the Forefront from Product Development to Delivery, where Advocacy for Prevention of HIV & AIDS (APHA), Pangaea Zimbabwe Aids Trust (PZAT), and AVAC will discuss the critical role advocates have played in advancing HIV prevention products through the pipeline and the need to ensure research, development and delivery of additional multipurpose prevention products (MPTs) and new contraceptives leverage these experiences and networks.