AVAC’s Month-Long Vaccine Immersion Continues: Webinar series, cheat sheets and more! 

May 2, 2017

[UPDATE:] Recordings of webinars already held are now available below.

Join us in our month-long “deep dive” into the dynamic field of HIV vaccine research with the next installment in our HIV Vaccine Awareness Day webinar series coming up this Thursday—a review of the NIH’s Vaccine Research Center with Barney Graham. And read on for links to key resources, including quick references and a recording of our first webinar.

Webinar series lineup:

  • Friday, April 28: Ad26 Mosaic Program—Janssen’s Maria Pau discusses preparations for the next efficacy trial.
    YouTube / Audio / Slides
  • Thursday, May 4: The History—and Future—of the NIH’s Vaccine Research Center with Barney Graham.
    YouTube / Audio / Slides
  • Monday, May 8: Building on (and Building!) Success—Status of HVTN 702 with Fatima Laher.
    YouTube / Audio / Slides
  • Thursday, May 11: “Plan B”-NAb? An Overview of Antibody Research with Lynn Morris.
    YouTube / Audio / Slides
  • Thursday, May 18: An Overview of Vaccine Development from Julie Ake of MHRP.
    YouTube / Audio / Slides

Last Friday, the series launched with an overview from Janssen’s Maria Pau on the Ad26/Mosaic vaccine program—notable both for its science and for active leadership from industry. Two of the upcoming webinars will fill advocates in on bNAb research. Broadly neutralizing antibodies—bNAbs—are anti-HIV proteins now being tested for efficacy as HIV prevention through direct “passive” infusions. The upcoming discussions will help answer burning questions for HVAD 2017:

  • Which bNAb candidates should we be watching in the coming years?
  • What do bNAbs mean for HIV vaccine research? Are these current trials, testing direct infusion of bNAbs, a pathway to a new product or a way to advance the HIV vaccine field—or both?
  • What will current large-scale efficacy trials of vaccines and bNAbs tell us?

We know not everyone hears bNAb and immediately understands the term. This year, AVAC has updated our series, Vaccine Science for Busy Advocates, to provide quick, clear explanations, with a focus on topics corresponding to our webinars. Click here to access Busy Advocates: bNAbs. Download it, review the terms and be ready with your questions on May 4 and May 11.

There’s a lot to know. But the research is promising, and we need steady hands on deck to ask smart questions and sustain support. Continue with us over the next several weeks on the countdown to HVAD to play your part.