Five Must-Read Recent Blog Posts on the New

September 2, 2014

AVAC’s relaunched website,, includes a new blog, P-Values. It’s a place where AVAC, its partners and colleagues in the field of biomedical HIV prevention advocacy have their say about the latest findings, biggest challenges and most exciting successes in our collective work.

Posts include guest-authored pieces by leading scientists, AVAC’s “take” on emerging issues in real time and more.

We hope you’ll visit the page regularly and, to get you started, invite you to check out some recent highlights:

  • What Does PrEP Mean for Condom Use? — Nicholas Feustel, a documentary filmmaker specializing in films on health and human rights and a member of AVAC’s PxROAR program in Europe—a program that connects advocates and builds advocacy skills. In a July interview with the German magazine Männer, he talked about PrEP and the implications of its use.
  • No Turning Back in Fighting AIDS — The past decade of financial and political commitment has resulted in a major expansion of access to HIV prevention and treatment services around the world but these gains remain fragile. In this piece, originally appearing in PSI’s magazine Impact, Kevin Fisher and Catherine Connor—writing as co-chairs of the Global AIDS Policy Partnership—call for increased funding of PEPFAR and further investment in domestic HIV prevention and AIDS treatment programs globally.
  • Corporate Leaders Must Stand Up for LGBT Rights in Africa — AVAC and partners worked in coalition with 26 organizations to develop a sign-on statement urging US corporations to raise the importance of human rights, including rights for LGBT individuals, for the recent US-African Leaders Summit.
  • A Prevention Agenda for Women — There is extensive evidence that integrating family planning services and HIV prevention and treatment isn’t just a good idea, it is the only effective approach to women’s health. A report from a 2013 AVAC/CHANGE meeting on the topic includes recommendations on how to integrate HIV and family planning services along with ideas on how to best move forward in the context of uncertainty about whether some hormonal contraceptives (HC) increase HIV risk and how to advance “method mix”—a wider array of contraceptive choices for women everywhere.

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