May 7 Webinar: The power—and pitfalls—of modeling for COVID-19 and HIV

April 28, 2020

New COVID-19 mathematical models are emerging to predict trends in new infections and deaths in cities, countries and globally. These models can forecast medical supply shortages, and influence policy makers and investment of resources. Over the past four months, multiple models to understand COVID transmission have been developed–with different assumptions, outputs and implications. Strengthening our understanding of current models, how they are developed, and their limitations, allows us to better apply modeling to public health policies and programs.

Please join us for an upcoming webinar, The Power–and Pitfalls–of Modeling for COVID-19 and HIV, on Thursday, May 7, 8am EDT to discuss current COVID-19 models, and the benefits and limitations of mathematical models as they apply to both COVID-19 and HIV prevention.


In the fourth installment of AVAC’s webinar series on COVID-19 and its relationship to HIV, John Stover, Vice President and founder of Avenir Health, will discuss the current state of COVID-19 modeling. Mr. Stover will be joined by his Avenir colleague Nadia Carvalho who will discuss a new learning opportunity for advocates wishing to use modeling in their work. This online course was developed by Avenir as part of the Coalition to Accelerate & Support Prevention Research (CASPR) led by AVAC and supported by USAID.

We hope you’ll check out the first three webinars in our series, and find other essential resources for advocates confronting COVID-19 and its impact on HIV at

In these challenging times for research, we take comfort in your continuing commitment and support for the work ahead.