New Podcast! Research Fundamentals: What is an endpoint?

December 14, 2021

We are delighted to share the next installment in our Px Pulse podcast series Research Fundamentals, explaining key concepts in HIV prevention research.

In this episode, Px Pulse host Jeanne Baron, and Matthew Rose, veteran HIV advocate and Director at Global Health Strategies, unpack what you need to know to understand endpoints in research.

Our series, Research Fundamentals is an addition to the regular schedule of programs on Px Pulse covering advances and challenges in HIV prevention research. Research Fundamentals offers short, concise and accessible conversations explaining scientific concepts in research that are key to understanding how HIV prevention science is advancing.

Endpoints are a crucial component in every clinical trial, but they are not always well understood. In addition, advocates can and should play a role, reviewing endpoints and interrogating how well the trial will serve communities that need HIV prevention.

Joining us to explore all this are:

  • Dave Glidden, Professor of Epidemiology & Bio-statistics at UC San Francisco
  • Erica Lessem, Senior Strategist for the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, former Deputy Executive Director, Treatment Action Group
  • Meagan O’Brien, Senior Medical Director of Early Clinical Development & Clinical Experimental Sciences at Regeneron

Listen to the full podcast (9 minutes) to learn how endpoints are used in clinical research, why they change over time, and what matters most about endpoints for advocates and researchers alike. And here’s a transcript of the recording.

Endpoints are one element in evolving trial design for HIV prevention. Go to our dedicated page on trial design for more information and resources to engage with this fast-changing area.