Px Wire’s Take on 2017: #Onwards #UntilTheEpidemicIsOver

January 19, 2017

2017 promises to be a year of big changes, but how the political winds will touch the field of HIV is still unknown. Amidst the uncertainty, long hard work advancing HIV prevention is pushing frontiers all over the world from the lab to the clinic to the household medicine cabinet.

This issue of Px Wire, AVAC’s quarterly update on HIV prevention research, looks ahead at a host of issues we are watching in 2017. Are we confronting “Fast Track” goals with the sober analysis they demand? Will oral PrEP guidelines translate into programs and will programs meet people’s needs? What progress can we expect from studies on the dapivirine vaginal ring, various vaccine candidates or on broadly neutralizing antibodies, which are garnering so much press attention of late? Will global leaders embrace policies that ensure data gaps on key populations will finally be filled?

Check out AVAC’s round-up of these and other questions that we think will define the state of HIV prevention in 2017. And this issue’s centerspread extends the story beyond 2017 with an infographic showing the status of large-scale prevention trials through 2020.