Deirdre Grant

Director of Program Coordination

Deirdre is the Director of Program Coordination at AVAC where she leads a small team responsible for organization-wide knowledge management and collaboration; project management processes and implementation; supporting in-person and virtual work needs; and fostering an inclusive and engaging organizational culture. In this role, Deirdre manages internal communication systems, semi-annual “Home Weeks”, annual work planning and monitoring, and thinks creatively about how to connect across teams and geographies in a primarily virtual work environment. Since joining AVAC, Deirdre has worked across several programs, including print and digital communications and US-based HIV prevention advocacy.

Deirdre joined AVAC in 2005, shortly after graduating from Bates College where she received a BA in Political Science. Prior to joining AVAC, Deirdre worked as an independent consultant. 

She is based in New York City.