Evaluation of GPP

GPP practitioners and others have produced a body of literature about how to measure and replicate GPP done well.

Good Participatory Practice Mapping Project (GPP MAP): Theory of Change Model
FHI 360 (2023)

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What Does “Good” Community and Public Engagement Look Like? Developing Relationships With Community Members in Global Health Research
Frontiers in Public Health (2022)

Hickey, G., Porter, K., et al.
Thematic data analysis study to determine the measures of CE done well, including barriers and facilitators.

TBCAB 10-Year Anniversary Evaluation Report 2011-2021
Treatment Action Group (2022)

Deluca, A
Evaluation of the function and impact of the TB CAB on TB research.

Working Relationships’ Across Difference: A realist review of community engagement with malaria research
Wellcome Open Research (2022)

Vincent, R., Adhikari, B., et al.
Assessing how CE efforts impact research, especially working relationships.

Taking Relationships Seriously: Building the evidence base for community engagement in health research
Community Engagement Realist Review (2021)

Vincent, R. & Molyneaux, S.
Review of CE in malaria studies to assess processes and impact of CE.

Navigating the Complexity of Community Engagement with Health Research
Community Engagement Realist Review (2021)

Vincent, R. & Molyneaux, S.
Challenges and facilitators of building trusting CE relationships in malaria trials.

Building an Evidence Base for Stakeholder Engagement

Lavery. J.
A call for creating better frameworks for evaluating CSE.

Stakeholder Engagement to Inform HIV Clinical Trials: A systematic review of the evidence
Journal of the International AIDS Society (2018)

Day, S., Blumberg, M., et al.
Systematic review to assess whether and how CE is being done and how it is being reported — found further questions for training and review — especially the need for standardized reporting and heavy reliance on top-down methods.

It is Not Just About “the Trial”: The critical role of effective engagement and participatory practices for moving the HIV research field forward
Journal of the International AIDS Society (2018)

MacQueen, K.M., and Auerbach, J.D.
JIAS supplement to assess the conduct of GPP and what needs to happen to measure and standardize GPP.

Using Theory of Change Frameworks to Develop Evaluation Strategies for Research Engagement: Results of a pre-pilot study
Journal of the International AIDS Society (2018)

MacQueen, K.M., Eley, N.T., et al.
Survey of trial sites to develop a theory of change framework to assess GPP.

GPP MAP Survey Report
FHI 360 (2018)

Evaluating Community Engagement in Global Health Research: The need for metrics
BMC Medical Ethics (2015)

MacQueen, K.M., Bhan, A., et al.
The need for metrics to measure best practices in CE and to make them replicable.

Improving Ethical and Participatory Practice for Marginalized Populations in Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials: Lessons from Thailand
PLOS One (2014)
Allman, D., Ditmore, M.H., et al.
Qualitative study of the quality of CE in PrEP trials in Thailand.

How Good is “Good Enough”? The Case for Varying Standards of Evidence According to Need for New Interventions in HIV Prevention
American Journal of Bioethics (2012)

Haire, B., Kaidor, J., et al.
CE to assess whether trial results (in PrEP) are good enough to include in future prevention packages in HIV prevention research.