Peter Michira

Partners in Prevention PrEP Thika Study Site - 2013 Fellow -

Peter is a Technical Advisor at Partners PrEP Scale-Up Project in Kenya. At the time of his Fellowship project, he had more than 12 years of experience working in HIV/AIDS programs. He has been involved in the coordination of field activities at the Partners in Prevention clinical trials site in Thika since 2006. He also worked as the focal point for the community within the Partners PrEP HIV discordant couples study, the largest study to date involving 4,758 HIV discordant couples.

Fellowship Focus
The positive results of the Partners PrEP study gave Peter the insight to lobby for the adoption of PrEP as an HIV prevention strategy in Kenya. In his project, Peter built a favorable environment and partnerships with key stakeholders. He formed a PrEP advocacy coalition within civil society and succeeded in getting PrEP funded through the Global Fund. Peter also worked with the media to cover the need for PrEP and its place in the HIV management continuum of care.

In Their Own Words
The Future Fellow will take over the mantle through close association with the various stakeholders and through the newly formed coalition.

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