Kalob Gossett

Program Coordinator: Product Introduction & Access and Long-Acting PrEP Coalition

Kalob is a Program Coordinator at AVAC where he supports AVAC’s Product Introduction & Access projects and the Coalition to Accelerate Access to Long-Acting PrEP by maintaining, tracking, synthesizing, and disseminating information related to the introduction and access of new HIV prevention options. Kalob helps AVAC anticipate, collect, and distill needed information to various internal and external stakeholders.

Prior to joining AVAC, Kalob was a Project Manager and Research Coordinator at the Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center, where he managed two national projects. One, focused on enhancing HIV content into the curricula of graduate and residency health profession programs and, the second, an implementation science study aimed at improving HIV medication adherence among youth. He was the first to occupy these roles and was crucial in acquiring funding, planning, developing, and implementing both projects.

Kalob joined AVAC in 2023, bringing over nine years of professional and personal experience working on HIV initiatives as well as a master’s degree in health administration. His passion for PrEP led him to pursue the Program Coordinator role, so he’s committed to embodying AVAC’s mission to increase global access to it and other HIV prevention options.