Accepting Applications for the GPP Online Training Course!

January 12, 2017

AVAC is pleased to announce the fifth offering of its global Good Participatory Practice Online Training Course!

With biomedical research moving forward at a thrilling pace, getting stakeholders involved in clinical trial conduct has never been more important. As of 2017, clinical trials are underway globally around a range of HIV prevention options—long-acting injectables and next-generation PrEP, antibody-mediated prevention, and implementation studies of the dapivirine ring—to name a few. Global rollout of oral Truvada as PrEP is shifting the field’s thinking about clinical trial design. Other advances are also grabbing headlines. Ebola research has led to a safe and effective vaccine, and research continues. New trials are on the horizon for tuberculosis drugs and vaccines.

The Good Participatory Practice (GPP) Guidelines provide a framework for engaging a broad range of stakeholders throughout the clinical trial process, increasing their understanding, commitment and participation in biomedical HIV prevention research. Through interactive modules, online forums that allow for peer-to-peer interaction, webinars and practical assignments—all facilitated by experts in GPP—the course deepens participant capacity to effectively apply GPP in their own contexts.

The course offers two tracks:

Track A is designed for research implementers, or individuals directly responsible for GPP or community engagement at a trial site. All learners who complete the requirements for Track A will receive a GPP Implementer Certificate.

Track B is designed for stakeholders not directly responsible for GPP implementation but interested in understanding GPP concepts and applications, e.g., research coordinators, civil society advocates and regulators. All learners who complete Track B requirements will receive a GPP Course Completion Certificate.

What Former Participants are Saying

To date, 100 percent of previous course participants rank the course as “excellent” or “very good” overall and the majority would recommend it to a colleague. Learners report they consider the interactive modules and facilitator feedback highly valuable. They also tell us the course gave them the tools and confidence to implement GPP. To learn more about the course overall, please click here.

“Taking this course was the best investment of my time in all of 2016. I had a fundamental and intuitive understanding of the principles on which GPP is based, but now I have a structured framework and practical tools for helping to envision and implement the next generation of research advocacy.” –Mark Hubbard, Education Liaison, Tennessee Association of People with AIDS

This course offering will run from 23 January through 28 April 2017. Download the application and submit it to by 18 January 2017. For more information please contact Jessica Salzwedel ( or Stacey Hannah (