Advocacy in Uncertain Times: A call to action

May 16, 2017

It’s almost here! HIV Vaccine Awareness Day (HVAD) is upon us. This Thursday will mark the day’s 20th anniversary and cap off AVAC’s month-long “vaccine immersion”. On Thursday, we will host the final webinar in our series, featuring Julie Ake of the US Military HIV Research Program. (Update: link to the recording.)

HVAD comes amidst a week when advocates for health and human rights are aghast at a new US guideline on expansion of the Global Gag Rule—a policy that is anti-woman and anti-public health, and that will now impact many more recipients of US funding. As AVAC states in a blog, we are committed to the rights and health of girls and women worldwide, and stand strong with our allies in this fight.

Our HVAD resources are designed for allies everywhere to use in the fight for rights-based, science-forward, sustainable solutions to the epidemic. They include our updated HVAD toolkit, which features our HVAD call to action, Advocacy in Uncertain Times, a new publication on HIV vaccine advocacy and priorities for the field—required reading for HIV prevention and vaccine advocates alike!

HVAD 2017 Toolkit

  • Advocacy in Uncertain Times: A call to action—AVAC’s report for HVAD on the state of the HIV vaccine research and development field, including key priorities for advancing research and sustaining support. (Click here to download all graphics from this report.)
  • HIV Vaccines: Key Messages for HVAD 2017—Bullet points on today’s pressing issues; great for informed audiences who need compelling outreach messages.
  • HIV Vaccines: An Introductory Fact Sheet—Part of AVAC’s basic fact sheet series, a two-pager of basic information and research updates; great for distribution to lay audiences.
  • HIV Vaccines: The Basics—Introductory PowerPoint slide set with basic concepts, an overview of research status and recent developments; great for use by research representatives and vaccine stakeholders for presenting information to wider audiences.
  • Vaccine Science for Busy Advocates: bNAbs—a one-pager reviewing highlights, next steps and key terms; great for lay audiences who are looking to understand complex technical issues.

Missed any of the previous webinars in the series? Visit for the slides and recordings.

And HVAD is active on social media this year! Follow the hashtags #HIVVaccineAware and #HVAD2017 on Twitter and Facebook for more messages and resources this HVAD.

At AVAC, we thank you for your work and partnership today and every day. We’re committed to ending the AIDS epidemic, and that means finding an HIV vaccine. We couldn’t do it without you.