Advocacy: Now more than ever

November 28, 2022

“If you think the days of advocacy are over, you’re crazy. We need the energy of the ‘80s and ‘90s now more than ever.”

That’s what Tony Fauci said earlier today, during a conversation we had with him to reflect on his legacy and the future of the global AIDS response and public health generally. It was an extraordinary moment of candor and reflection as we talked about what’s been accomplished in the HIV and COVID-19 responses, what’s ahead and what the future looks like for NIAID, Dr. Fauci, and pandemic preparedness.

Among many highlights in that conversation was hearing Dr. Fauci, who has often talked about the importance of community engagement and civil society leadership in shaping the research agenda, call out the urgent need for advocates and activists to raise their voices and engage leaders at every level. It’s a crucial ingredient to ensure all the options for prevention, including new long-acting interventions, reach everyone who needs it.

quote from the webinar

We couldn’t agree with Dr. Fauci more! AVAC was founded 27 years ago, and we are more committed than ever to this essential work and to advancing global health equity with our many partners, who day in and day out bring their passion, vision and dedication to ending AIDS. It’s these partnerships that will drive success, and your support that makes it possible!

Whether it’s convening conversations between communities and health leaders, tracking and translating the field, or building coalitions to set an agenda for access—at AVAC we understand the importance of bringing people together, of ensuring that vitally important conversations get the time and focus needed to identify priorities and take on the challenges. Coming together, listening, learning and defining next steps is the key to a deeper, more sustained engagement, one that will catalyze solutions that bring prevention to everyone who needs it.

Tomorrow, as part of #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back, we ask you to consider supporting AVAC and our work bringing people together, identifying solutions, and putting them into action, with all the energy that Dr. Fauci described:

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We are continually energized, and inspired, by the opportunities to work with so many remarkable individuals and organizations around the world – and we thank you for your support, which allows us to continue this critical work as part of a comprehensive and integrated pathway to global health equity.