AVAC Team Member Honored at the White House: A champion of refugee rights

June 25, 2015

On June 25, Micheal Ighodaro, an AVAC team member and leading activist for the rights of LGBT activists, was honored by the US government as a “Champion of Change” for the rights of refugees. In a ceremony at the White House, Micheal was recognized for his vocal advocacy for the rights and needs of men and women who are subject to persecution, discrimination and violence because of who they love—and who too often find themselves forced to leave their countries of origin, navigating new cultures, health and housing systems, as well as the process of obtaining asylum.

As policy and program assistant at AVAC, Micheal is working with allies across sub-Saharan Africa to define agendas that address health and human rights for all. A video of the panel discussion featuring Micheal and his fellow honorees can be viewed here, details of all the champions are available now; and a blog post from Micheal about his experiences as a refugee, activist and proud gay man is available on the White House website!

AVAC is proud to work with Micheal and salutes all of the champions recognized today.