Be Heard! Resources for Activism in Planning for KPIF Rollout

July 3, 2019

In-country planning for the Key Population Investment Fund (KPIF), a PEPFAR initiative to fund programs and organizations focused on key populations, has finally begun. AVAC and a number of our partners have been working with KP-led organizations in KPIF countries to help them engage in and influence the ongoing country-level processes. AVAC has developed a new resource and documented some of its work to-date to help inform ongoing advocacy and action. Read on for more!

Activism in Action: Malawi, Uganda and Zambia

Lessons learned from the engagement experiences in Malawi, Uganda and Zambia are required reading for advocates and key population groups looking to make an impact during the in-country KPIF planning process.

In Zambia, KP-led CSOs came together to demand their space and put forward their recommendations on what should be included in the KPIF. In Malawi, the Diversity Forum, a newly established KP coalition, demanded accountability and transparency in the KPIF processes. And in Uganda, a formal advisory group, which includes civil society and key population representatives, was established to oversee implementation of the fund. These experiences, documented on the P-Values blog, highlight lessons learnt and next steps, which other civil society and KP groups can look to replicate or adapt.

KPIF Guide

An Activist’s Guide to Influencing and Monitoring KPIF Rollout, is designed to guide advocates as they engage with KPIF planning and implementation. The guide points to specific components of the KPIF and key things to watch out for in the coming months.

The Guide also includes a link to a survey for KP-led organizations in KPIF countries to assist in providing timely information and support on engagement. If this applies to you or your organization, please fill it out here!