Black Gay and Bi Men Battle the Escalation of HIV

January 5, 2015

In an article for HIV Plus Magazine, Charles Stephens, founder of the Counter Narrative Project and a member of AVAC’s PxROAR advocacy cadre, talks about the importance of gay black men remembering “our legacy” related to HIV and AIDS and stigma and discrimination.

“The black gay male experience is profoundly alienating,” says Charles Stephens in front of a packed audience…

“As black gay men, more often than not, we are denied a history, denied a culture, and often represented in the most narrow and simplistic forms. We are robbed of our lovely complexity far too often in mainstream culture, and that is in itself a form of violence. To strip someone of their complexity is to strip them of their humanity.”

The article also talks about the black gay male experience in the US as it relates to the broader LGBT agenda of marriage equality. Read more.