Calling African Transgender Advocates: Apply for new AVAC program

September 28, 2017

[UPDATE: AVAC is no longer accepting applications.]

AVAC is pleased to announce a call for applications for participation in its inaugural PxROAR Transgender program, specifically for transgender and gender non-conforming HIV prevention advocates in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Application forms are available here. The submission deadline is 15 October.

About PxROAR Transgender Africa

PxROAR Transgender Africa will offer HIV prevention education and advocacy assistance with the goal of creating a regional agenda for HIV prevention research and implementation for the transgender community. The program is modeled on AVAC’s PxROAR Africa Program, which is tailored for key populations. Advocacy for self-determination and free expression is mutually dependent on the goal to seek control and, eventually, end HIV epidemics in underserved communities.

PxROAR Transgender Africa has two primary goals

1) To enhance awareness of and advocacy for biomedical HIV prevention.
2) To contribute to a transgender presence at country and regional level articulating a rights and biomedical prevention agenda.

Time commitments

The PxROAR Transgender Africa program is voluntary and intended to complement ongoing work in HIV, gender and/or human rights advocacy. The time commitment depends on your own level of availability. Outside of a required monthly group call, you determine your level of engagement. However, AVAC is interested in partnering with those who maximize the opportunity by tapping into all the program’s offerings. Technical and financial support is commensurate with level of commitment.

Who should apply?

  • Transgender and non-conforming African advocates from Eastern and Southern Africa interested in expanding their knowledge of biomedical HIV prevention research and implementation, creating a roadmap for transgender and HIV prevention research, translating scientific information and mobilizing communities toward the ultimate goal of controlling HIV in highly burdened, underserved populations.
  • Ideal candidates will have the potential to integrate their PxROAR advocacy, complementing and benefiting their current work.

Please send this request for applications to your relevant networks. If you have any questions, let us know at