Check Out the Latest Episode of Px Pulse: Combination Prevention and AIDS 2018

August 29, 2018

The August episode of Px Pulse is waiting for you!

In this episode, featuring Ambassador Deborah Birx, we take a look at one area of great importance that was center stage at last month’s AIDS 2018 conference in Amsterdam: primary prevention.

Hear Brad Jones of Weill Cornell Medical College pose a basic question about T cells and what his research could teach us about the immune system. Advocate Dorothy Okatch of the NGO Young 1ove sizes up the challenges for prevention in her country Botswana, where gains in treatment have been lauded.

And you won’t want to miss our discussion with the head of PEPFAR (the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief), Ambassador Deborah Birx, who oversees one of the biggest HIV/AIDS programs in the world. Hear how Amb. Birx defines today’s prevention priorities and find out the difference between “lumpers” and “splitters”.

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