CureROAR: Supporting advocacy in HIV cure research

April 21, 2022

AVAC is excited to announce its CureROAR program, a new initiative to support partners in HIV cure research and advocacy. CureROAR offers mentorship, peer support, networking opportunities and technical assistance. Ten veteran health advocates are the inaugural group to join the program, and together they bring a range of expertise on global health and HIV prevention, including PrEP implementation, sexual and reproductive health, advocacy for key populations, LGBTQ and TG rights, women’s empowerment and more. They are health care providers, educators, advocates and leaders. Meet AVAC’s CureROAR members.

Research for an HIV cure is in a robust period of scientific investigation. Several cure strategies are being explored, while understanding of the HIV reservoir and other key scientific concepts is also advancing. This progress in HIV cure research, as part of a pipeline of biomedical tools to help end the epidemic, must be supported and guided by an advocacy agenda that puts communities first. CureROAR members will dive into the science of cure strategies. The direction of research, the interventions that come from those efforts, and policies and programs to deliver them, must reflect the needs and priorities of the diverse populations that will benefit from a cure. Bringing the lens of seasoned advocates to HIV cure research is fundamental to ethically advancing the field today. And when a cure strategy proves itself, it is knowledgeable, ready advocacy that will ensure the fruits of science reach those who need them most.

CureROAR is part of AVAC’s larger program of HIV cure initiatives, including managing the community engagement activities of the REACH, PAVE and I4C Collaboratories, which are among the ten NIH-funded Martin Delaney Collaboratories for HIV Cure Research (MDC). Interested in learning more? Check out the recording from the April webinar: Breaking Down The Latest in HIV Cure Research: What do new data mean for people with HIV.

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