The Architecture for Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, & Response (PPPR): Views from Civil Society Leaders on the UN High Level Meetings (Guest Essay)

AVAC’s Executive Director along with partners from the Coalition of Advocates for Global Health and Pandemic Preparedness penned an essay to make the case of meaningful investment in Pandemic Preparedness while referencing continued failures of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the full essay here.

Experimental Medicine Vaccine Trials (EMVTs): Opportunities and Challenges

In 2023, AVAC and CASPR partners cast a spotlight on many issues and opportunities for HIV vaccine science. This one-pager highlights key conversations.

Status Updates on Ongoing and Planned HIV Prevention Trials

The world is grappling with the far-reaching impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the HIV prevention field is no different. Most trials investigating new biomedical HIV prevention products have paused, citing concerns for the safety of trial participants and the study teams.

How COVID-19 is impacting research varies by trial and site, and efforts are ongoing to minimize impact on trial timelines and data. AVAC will continue to monitor developments—watch this space.

Ongoing Studies for the Treatment and Prevention of the COVID-19 Virus

This table is a work in progress, as this is an incredibly dynamic landscape. Over the past month, the scientific community has accelerated development of COVID-19 diagnostics, therapeutics and a potential vaccine. This document also links to a number of resources available to track these developments.

In addition, a collaborative project of the COVID-19 Working Group NY, the PrEP4All Collaboration and Treatment Action Group offers concise overviews and analyses of key research areas.

COVID-19 Resources for Advocates

This document is to help advocates with links to the latest information about COVID-19, including information on its prevention, transmission, relationship to HIV and research that’s underway. Many of the links below are constantly updated so please click through for the latest.

Global Fund Investment Case: Seventh replenishment 2022 executive summary

The Global Fund’s analysis of the economic case for increased investment and commitment to its strategy pandemic preparedness and ending HIV, TB and malaria.

Global Fund Key Numbers and Messages

Key messages and numbers to advocate for full funding of the Global Fund.

Research Fundamentals: An HIV Vaccine — What’s the challenge and what’s the science?

Some vaccines are easier to develop than others. COVID-19 vaccines were developed with unprecedented speed, taking a matter of months to become available. A measles vaccine took about 10 years to develop. But the field’s been working on an HIV vaccine for 40 years. In this episode, AVAC’s Jeanne Baron and co-host immunologist Katharine Kripke of AVENIR Health explore why HIV is different with two experts on vaccine research: Caltech’s Pamela Bjorkman and IAVI’s Vincent Kioi.

Phase 1 mRNA HIV Vaccine Trials

A breakdown of current HIV mRNA trials and a primer on the basics of mRNA technology.

Experimental mRNA-based Preventive HIV Vaccine Phase 1 Trials

The NIH announced a new study to test three mRNA-based HIV vaccine candidates. This study follows an announcement in January from IAVI about another mRNA-based HIV vaccine study. This snapshot compares the two studies.