ECHO Study Results and Beyond: What’s Next

June 28, 2019

In the days since the leaders of the ECHO Study announced their findings, AVAC has produced a number of resources to inform advocacy and action.

Px Pulse

Tune in to a special episode of AVAC’s podcast, Px Pulse. The ECHO Trial Results: Time to Act features two veteran women’s advocates from Kenya and South Africa, Jaqueline Wambui and Yvette Raphael, who talk about what the high rates of HIV in the trial mean for advocacy now. Helen Rees and Nelly Mugo, members of the ECHO trial leadership team, explain the results and their implications, and James Kiarie of WHO shares the importance of the WHO guidelines and more. (And for background on the trial, you can also check out our pre-results podcast – The ECHO Trial: Preparing for Action.)

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Understanding Results

AVAC has published a comprehensive guide to interpreting the results of the trial in Understanding the Results of the ECHO Study. You’ll find concise information on the trial’s background, design and results, and a full section on next steps such as the WHO process for updating its guidelines and what you can do to get involved.

Webinar: What do the ECHO Study results mean for African women?

In case you missed it, AVAC and ICW-EA hosted a webinar on June 27th with Jared Baeten and Tim Mastro from the ECHO Consortium, and James Kiarie from WHO. In a discussion moderated by ICW-EA’s Lillian Mworeko, speakers discussed implications of the findings and took questions from members of the ECHO Global Community Advisory Group and other women’s health advocates.

Use these tools and find more at to join the movement demanding informed-choice and expanded, integrated options for HIV prevention and sexual and reproductive health.