Feb 6 Webinar: What’s New—and Next—for TB Vaccines

January 23, 2020

Eliminating TB by 2030—the timeframe set by United Nations member states—will not be possible without developing and introducing new TB vaccines. Decades of investments in TB vaccine research and development are starting to pay off — join fellow advocates to learn about the latest in TB vaccine research and discuss next steps based on recent results!

Join Treatment Action Group (TAG) and AVAC on Thursday, February 6, at 9am New York | 3pm Geneva | 4pm Cape Town | 7:30pm Delhi for a webinar featuring an update on recent vaccine results and possible next steps with M72/AS01E, one of several new TB vaccine candidates.


The TB vaccine field is buzzing in 2020, with at least two Phase II trials reporting positive results in the past two years and several other trials either underway or close to finishing. Of particular interest, the positive finding in a Phase IIb trial of TB vaccine candidate M72/AS01E provided 50 percent protection against developing TB disease in HIV-negative adults with TB infection. The Phase IIb trial of this candidate vaccine was sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline (which developed it) and funded by GSK and Aeras (now IAVI).

Next month’s webinar will feature Dereck Tait from IAVI who will present an overview of the M72/AS01E Phase IIb trial results, and Johan Vekemans from the World Health Organization (WHO) who will summarize a series of WHO-hosted consultations on the path forward for M72/AS01E’s development and possible licensure.

Presentations by:

  • Johan Vekemans | World Health Organization, Initiative for Vaccine Research, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Dereck Tait | IAVI, TB Program, Cape Town, South Africa

Q&A and discussion moderated by:

  • Mike Frick | TAG, TB Project co-director
  • Stacey Hannah | AVAC, Director of Research Engagement

If you’re looking for background information in advance of the webinar, here are some useful resources:

We look forward to the conversation on February 6th!