Federal HIV Research Funding is in Jeopardy!

June 10, 2015

UPDATE June 15: Science Speaks has the latest. 679 clinicians and researchers as well as 416 organizations signed on!

(This call for organizational sign-on ws sent on behalf of AVAC, HIVMA and the FAPP Research Working Group)

As the US Congress begins work on the FY16 Labor, HHS and Education appropriation measures, we are hearing that there is a possible agreement in the House of Representatives to cut 10-20 percent of the HIV research funding allocation for the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

This is a time to prioritize, not cut HIV/AIDS research. We cannot lose sight of the sobering reality that there remain over one million people living with HIV in the US, and almost 50,000 Americans become newly infected every year.

Robust funding of research into diseases endemic to the United States must be supported, but it is unwise and misguided to allocate research dollars simply on the basis of disease burden in the US. Research investment also must follow scientific opportunity to have the greatest impact and the need to halt the spread of deadly infectious diseases must be a priority.

Take action to stop these devastating cuts by signing your organization onto an “open letter to Congress.” Currently 77+ organizations have signed on—however, the threat is very real, and we need as large a show of support as possible. Now is a critical time for the HIV/AIDS community to stand together in support of sustaining HIV/AIDS research dollars.

Click here to sign your organization onto the letter.