Fund a Trial on Contraception and HIV Risk

September 12, 2014

A trial designed to evaluate how different methods of contraception (Depo, the copper IUD and the Jadelle implant) affect HIV risk is under-funded and in jeopardy—as explained in a new editorial published on RH Reality Check, authored by Lillian Mworeko of ICW-EA, AVAC Program Director Emily Bass, Tyler Crone, Johanna Kehler of the AIDS Legal Network South Africa, Sophie Dilmitis and Definate Nhamo of PGAT, Zimbabwe.

In it, the authors argue that this trial is “one of the best research investments that could be made in reproductive health and rights in the context of women and HIV today.” We look forward to widening discussion and amplifying voices on this issue. For background, please visit And please contact us to get involved in ongoing advocacy.