HIV Advocacy Community Calls for Ethical Research for COVID-19 Solutions

April 20, 2020

More than 260 organizations and individuals have joined an Advocates Call for Ethical Research for COVID-19 Solutions.

In the wake of offensive and misleading statements about research in the midst of COVID-19, the need to explain, defend and advance the role of ethical research has never been more important.

We’ve heard political leaders minimize and confuse the scale of COVID-19. We’ve heard them offer incorrect and oversimplified solutions for the development of treatment or a vaccine. We’ve heard offensive remarks from two French researchers speculating that COVID-19 research might be more efficient in Africa, where people might be “more exposed to the virus”. Misguided, failing leadership such as this must be confronted and countered.

Advocates and researchers signing the call state clearly: There are currently no approved treatments, cures, vaccines or other biomedical prevention options for COVID-19. Treatment and prevention options are needed across the globe, and ethical and inclusive global research and development is critical to meet this need.

Read the letter reiterating the essential role of ethical research, and the need to move forward based on facts and evidence, and help us carry this message forward!