HIV R4P Conference: How to join, learn and follow

January 14, 2021

HIV R4P Virtual is coming right up, with events starting January 26th rolling through February 4th—don’t miss it. Held every two years, the HIV Research for Prevention Conference (R4P) is the only global conference focused exclusively on biomedical HIV prevention.

This year’s content will help set the stage for the high-stakes year ahead. Get started at the Advocates Pre-conference (click to register) on Tuesday, January 26th. Watch for AVAC’s updates from the meeting on social media and the Advocates’ Network, and bookmark AVAC’s R4P webpage so you can follow along.

The stakes are high for many reasons. COVID-19 is claiming lives across the globe, disrupting health care services and slowing the pace of HIV prevention and treatment research. At the same time, there are unprecedented opportunities to deliver both COVID-19 vaccines and new and emerging HIV prevention strategies. This virtual gathering, which includes access to the IAS COVID-19 Prevention Conference on February 2nd, is a chance to hear the latest data and explore the opportunities and challenges for research and rollout that lie ahead, including:

  • Lessons from oral PrEP programs—and how they could accelerate the introduction of new long-acting options, like the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring and injectable cabotegravir.
  • The latest research findings from interventions moving through the pipeline, such as the Antibody Mediated Prevention trials of a broadly neutralizing antibody, new forms of long-acting injectable and oral PrEP.
  • The implementation science required to translate promising options into real choices and real impact.
  • The innovations in new trial designs in the midst of PrEP rollout.
  • The ongoing challenge to develop an HIV vaccine, an essential component to finally ending the epidemic.

And that’s just for starters… click here for our program at a glance to see what’s planned. In the coming days, watch this space and AVAC’s R4P page for a more detailed roadmap to guide you through the ins and outs of the conference at large; a rich program at the Advocates’ Corner; and in-depth details on conference highlights and featured sessions.