HVAD 2019: Vaccine science needs your support!

May 15, 2019

[UPDATE: Slides and recordings from both webinars are now available. Links are provided below.]

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day (HVAD) 2019, on May 18, comes with promising headlines about advances in potential vaccines for HIV and other diseases that imperil public health. But, 2019 has also seen outbreaks of a highly infectious, vaccine-preventable disease, the result of misinformation and fear being spread by anti-vaccine campaigners.

This HVAD, AVAC has an updated toolkit of resources for translating HIV vaccine research with a renewed sense of urgency, and two dedicated hashtags to rally the call on social media: #HIVvaccineAware and #HVAD2019. We hope you’ll join the conversation — with the updated HVAD 2019 toolkit and our upcoming webinars (below and online)!

Explore all of our updated HVAD resources:

broadly Neutralizing Antibody graphic

One of AVAC’s HVAD Toolkit infographics showing bNAb combination research.

We also hope you will join two upcoming webinars:

Resources like these are essential for public understanding and support for vaccine research. Vaccines are not simple products. They require sustained investment to develop, they can be challenging to manufacture, and just as challenging to explain to potential users.

This HVAD, join us in thanking the ongoing dedication and ingenuity – of scientists, trial participants and community advocates – to find a vaccine against HIV, and let us renew our commitment to advance public understanding and support for vaccine research, development and delivery.