Understanding the Results of the AIDSVAX Trial (Spanish)

In late February 2003, the world heard preliminary results of the first large-scale human trial of a vaccine designed to prevent HIV infection. The results for the overall trial cohort were clear and disappointing. The results for a relatively small subset of trial participants are less clear, and they have sparked controversy and require further analysis. This brochure will help you understand what we do and do not know about the experimental vaccine known as AIDSVAX.

Rectal Microbicides Video Facilitator’s Guide (Spanish)

This guide is meant to be used as a preparation tool for people leading community discussions, workshops, or recruitment sessions who will be showing the educational video in Spanish. Background information on rectal microbicide research and the clinical trial process is included in the guide.

Good Participatory Practice: Guidelines for biomedical HIV prevention trials second edition (Spanish)

The Good Participatory Practice (GPP) guidelines offer trial funders, sponsors and implementers systematic guidance on how to engage stakeholders throughout the research lifecycle of HIV Prevention Trials.

This second edition of the guidelines, published in 2011, contains three sections: The Importance of Good Participatory Practice, Guiding Principles of GPP in Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials and Good Participatory Practices in Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials. The sections provide context, foundational principles and key practices.

Anticipo de los Resultados de Ensayos de PrEP: Una poderosa herramienta nueva para la prevención del VIH podría estar cerca. ¿Estamos preparados para ella?

A 2008 document providing background information on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and discussing efficacy trials that were then planned and ongoing. It discusses the research agenda and key advocacy priorities to move PrEP research forward.

Tratamiento como Prevencion

A basic fact sheet explaining what treatment as prevention means. 

Nuestra Lucha es To Salud ANAL Cual es La Tuya?

An introductory look at the rectal microbicide field.

Px Wire Abril-Junio 2008, Vol. 1, No. 2 (en español)

PxWire is AVAC’s quarterly update covering the latest in the field of biomedical HIV prevention research, implementation and advocacy. Highlights in this issue of PxWire include an update on the ongoing discussion regarding the proposed PAVE 100 vaccine trial, details on the first microbicide trial in pregnant women, a Mexico City preview, and notes on two recently released resources for the field, AVAC Report 2008: The Search Must Continue and the Global Campaign for Microbicides’ Microbicides Essentials online learning tool.