Rectal Microbicides Video Facilitator’s Guide (Thai)

This guide is meant to be used as a preparation tool for people leading community discussions, workshops, or recruitment sessions who will be showing the educational video in Thai. Background information on rectal microbicide research and the clinical trial process is included in the guide.

Good Participatory Practice: Guidelines for biomedical HIV prevention trials second edition (Thai)

The Good Participatory Practice (GPP) guidelines offer trial funders, sponsors and implementers systematic guidance on how to engage stakeholders throughout the research lifecycle of HIV Prevention Trials.

This second edition of the guidelines, published in 2011, contains three sections: The Importance of Good Participatory Practice, Guiding Principles of GPP in Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials and Good Participatory Practices in Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials. The sections provide context, foundational principles and key practices.

2010 AVAC Report: Turning the Page (Thai translation)

The AVAC 2010 Report, Turning the Page, highlights that the biomedical prevention field is entering the next chapter of its development. The past year brought the first evidence, from the Thai Prime-Boost trial, that an AIDS vaccine could prevent HIV in humans, as well as significant preclinical findings around potent, HIV-specific neutralizing antibodies.

At the same time, two microbicide trials testing the candidate PRO 2000 yielded seemingly different, but ultimately disappointing results, and the field now prepares for the release of results from CAPRISA 004, the first ARV-based microbicide effectiveness trial.