New! AVAC Report 2016 Big Data, Real People: The annual state of prevention advocacy

July 14, 2016

If you’re packing for Durban, we hope you’ll pause right now and add to your bag AVAC’s annual state of the field, Big Data Real People. The full PDF, Executive Summary and graphics are available here.

As always, AVAC Report is our annual advocacy analysis, with an agenda that spans the next 12 months—and beyond. We’ve designed it be a clear, succinct, actionable statement of the strengths and weakness of HIV prevention data today—and we hope you’ll join us in amplifying these messages at next week’s gathering.

Even if you’re not heading to Durban, we hope that this year’s Report will top your packing list for the journey through the next 12 months of advocacy and action.

In the Report, we argue that the state of HIV prevention data collection in 2016 is poor. One part of the solution lies in the adoption of “HIV Prevention Data Dashboards”. This tracking tool could bring the same specificity and accountability to non-ART prevention services that the “treatment cascade” of diagnosis, initiation, retention and virologic suppression does for antiretrovirals for people living with HIV.

The world cannot even pretend that ending AIDS is possible without action on non-ART prevention. We need to roll out what we have, continue R&D on what we still need, as well as scale up ART for all people living with HIV. That’s what the new UNAIDS Prevention Gap report says. That’s what AVAC has said for years. That’s what we hope you’ll say in Durban and over the coming year.

Here’s the Report, a roadmap for the coming year. Please read it, join us on the journey, let us know what you think!