New Episode of Px Pulse!: AVAC’s call for new targets and more in 2020

January 29, 2020

A new episode of our Px Pulse podcast is ready for download!

2020 Global Targets for Prevention Will Not Be Met: Now What? In this episode, hear about AVAC’s answers to this question in our analysis of the state of the field laid out in AVAC’s annual report.

With unmet UNAIDS “Fast-Track” targets for ending the epidemic now a reality, the field faces the sobering truth that we’ve been striving towards the 90-90-90 treatment targets without the same enthusiasm, focus and commitment to primary prevention targets.

AVAC’s Emily Bass and lead author of our repot Now What? joins this episode of Px Pulse to talk about AVAC’s blueprint for course correcting—bold leadership, smart target-setting for HIV prevention research and implementation, and multilayered prevention programs that are centered around people. She explains why the epidemic needs a sustained response and how leaders from the highest level down to the grassroots can demand accountability and reject a “business as usual” approach.

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