New Podcast Episode: Decolonizing Global Health

March 25, 2024

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Investing in the long-term success of African leadership is essential to breaking cycles that perpetuate inequity and that stall progress in the HIV response. In our newest episode of PxPulse, we explore why and how the decisions that shape global health must be made by those facing the greatest risks. As the world evaluates the pandemic response and debates on decolonizing global health gain momentum, equity in global health has never been more urgent.   

For more than seven years, COMPASS Africa, a civil society coalition of 29 organizations working in three countries as well as regionally and globally, has used data-driven advocacy to improve the HIV response with high-impact campaigns. In January, the coalition underwent a major transition, with Pangaea Zimbabwe assuming the role of secretariat (previously held by AVAC), marking a historic milestone in the development of innovative models for power-sharing in coalition and an important step toward decolonizing global health. These changes in COMPASS come as other efforts, such as negotiations on the Pandemic Accord, are struggling to advance, uphold or safeguard equity. 

Now is the time to test new models. In Decolonizing Global Health: Dr. Madhukar Pai and COMPASS Africa Tell Us Why and How, we explore what it takes to invest in equity and power sharing.

New Episode of PxPulse!

This episode of PxPulse features global health leader, Dr. Madhukar Pai, along with two leaders of COMPASS AfricaFrancis Luwole and Barbra Ncube, talking about new models of power-sharing.

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