New Px Wire: AVAC recommendations on future DAIDS network restructuring

November 22, 2017

AVAC’s newest issue of Px Wire is coming to you at a critical moment. We’re sharing our recommendations to the US National Institutes of Health’s Division of AIDS (DAIDS), which is in the final days of accepting comments before it begins the process of restructuring the clinical trials networks responsible for a large share of the world’s HIV research.

Download the new issue of Px Wire.

In Px Wire, we preview part of the AVAC Report 2017, which includes a set of recommendations and priorities that keep funding and research crossing-cutting, strategic and responsive to people’s real-world needs.

Check out the infographic, which provides a visual history of the DAIDS Networks and a look at what’s proposed for the next funding cycle.

And keep a look out for the full AVAC Report, our annual analysis of the state of the field, coming later this month. This year’s theme, Mixed Messages, untangles a web of potentially contradictory and confusing debates coming to the fore now that advances in prevention are creating new opportunities, challenges and complexity.