New Resource! Advocates’ Guide to Multipurpose Prevention Technologies

March 26, 2021

AVAC has a new resource to support advocacy for multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs), Advocates’ Guide to Multipurpose Prevention Technologies. The Guide calls out four areas ripe for advocate involvement. It also provides a snapshot on the status of MPT research and development and data on investments—critical information that can support evidence-based advocacy.

MPTs are products designed to simultaneously address more than one sexual and reproductive health (SRH) concern. Male and female condoms—which protect against pregnancy as well as HIV and other STIs—are the only MPTs available today. MPTs offer great promise for meeting people’s diverse and changing SRH needs. But advocacy for these emerging technologies is crucial to mobilize resources and broaden support through all stages of MPT R&D to ensure equitable access to products as they become available.

This new resource complements AVAC’s ongoing work to advance the integration of services for sexual and reproductive health (SRH) with HIV treatment and prevention. For the latest on the Dual Prevention Pill (DPP)—the next MPT that is likely to go to market soonest—visit its dedicated page on PrEPWatch.

AVAC is also supporting a pioneering initiative led by the Ministry of Health in Kenya, jointly run by NASCOP and the Department of Family Health, to work with implementing partners, county-level officials, advocates and other stakeholders, to integrate HIV prevention and SRH policies and services. Check out the assessment that preceded this important work in Kenya and a similar assessment with partners in Zimbabwe. Watch this space for progress as it develops, and bookmark and for an overview of the issues and key resources.