New Resources and Webinar on

June 24, 2021

Check out the new resources and events available on, plus a new site for global AIDS policy resources!

An “HIV Prevention Buffet” and a DJ

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago, in partnership with AVAC, the Black AIDS Institute, Desmond Tutu Health Foundation and SisterLove, is hosting a June 29 webinar, What’s Your Pleasure? Expanding Your Choices on the HIV Prevention Buffet. The event will feature global HIV prevention research experts, spoken word artistry and a smokin’ DJ (yes, a DJ!). The focus of the webinar will be on the HIV prevention research pipeline, including a wide array of molecules and modalities. Speakers include Desmond Tutu Health Foundation’s Dr. Linda-Gail Bekker, Dazon Dixon Diallo of SisterLove and the Black AIDS Institute’s Rob Newells-Newton. Register here.

Monitoring Progress Towards PrEP-FP Integration

Authors from the OPTIONS, PROMISE and CHOICE consortia, including AVAC’s Jessica Rodrigues, recently published an article, “Integrating oral PrEP into family planning services for women in sub-Saharan Africa: findings from a multi-country landscape analysis” in Frontiers in Reproductive Health. In the piece they share their desk review to develop a PrEP-FP integration framework—as integration of HIV and family planning services sees a renewed focus for national policy makers, donors, and implementers in sub-Saharan Africa. In the authors’ analysis, none of the countries included had made substantial progress toward integrated PrEP-FP service delivery. Check out the article for a road map for policy makers, program implementers, and health care providers to assess and monitor progress toward PrEP-FP integration. This work complements AVAC’s ongoing SRH/HIV integration work. Read more.

PrEP “Cycling”: The dance of oral PrEP

The landscape for PrEP is in the midst of transformation, with opportunities to understand and improve HIV prevention. With increasing numbers taking oral PrEP and new products on the horizon, such as the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring and long-acting cabotegravir, the world must get rollout right. There are vital lessons to learn from how people use oral PrEP and critical questions to answer. AVACer Jeanne Baron’s blog, PrEP “Cycling”: The dance of oral PrEP explores one key lesson from today’s PrEP users that could mean a new definition of success with PrEP. Read more.

A New Look for the GAPP

The Global AIDS Policy Partnership (GAPP) is a coalition of over 70 organizations committed to expanding and improving US global HIV/AIDS programming, and they’ve got a new website! Visit for information on member organizations, global AIDS policy resources and a calendar of events. AVAC is a long-time member of the GAPP and hosts the staff secretariat for the partnership. Read more.

UN HLM: Civil society says “Yes — AND” to the 2021 political declaration

A special HLM page on recaps some of the events at the HLM earlier in June and includes an editorial from AVAC’s Maureen Luba, published in Science Speaks, which puts the Political Declaration in context and sharpens the focus on the need to eliminate punitive laws and structures that result in discrimination and stigma. Read more.