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March 17, 2021

In the first quarter of 2021, fast-moving developments in the global response to HIV and COVID-19 are raising the stakes on questions of equitable access to COVID vaccines, HIV treatment and prevention, and other crucial aspects of public health. Meanwhile, scientific innovation is steaming ahead with new trials, new findings and emerging advocacy priorities for all of it.

We’ve got you covered with tools and resources to make sense of it all.

Catch Up on Deep Dives with Advocates and Researchers at CROI

A series of daily talks for advocates at CROI covered vaccine nationalism, cure research, advances in antibody research, and updates on long-acting prevention research, like CAB-LA and a yearly implant, presented at CROI:

Look for additional CROI coverage from AVAC later this week!

The HIV Prevention Pipeline 2021 and beyond

Calls for PEPFAR Leadership

It’s already mid-March, and US President Biden has yet to name a new US global AIDS coordinator and leader of PEPFAR. AVAC joined with a number of partners to call for urgent action in announcing a nominee; ensuring that PEPFAR remains housed within the US State Department; and maintaining robust civil society engagement.

WHO Recommends the Dapivirine Ring

Updated Recommendations on HIV Prevention, Infant Diagnosis, Antiretroviral Initiation And Monitoring – This update to the WHO recommendations was announced at R4P and the full recommendations are now published and available. The updates now include guidelines for adding the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring to HIV prevention programs.

COVID-19 in Focus

Building Global Resilience

A new report, Meeting the moment, fueling the future, by GHTC, lays out policy recommendations and an agency-by-agency blueprint for US policymakers to supercharge global health research and development. AVAC has been a long-time contributor to the GHTC, and this document reflects on global health priorities one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, with calls for decolonizing the field and more.

Check out the latest from Protecting Global Gains: