New Resources on

May 21, 2020

In this time of COVID-19, new information and new questions arise daily with implications for global health advocacy and for the HIV response at large. In the midst of this, HIV research has taken some major steps forward as well. AVAC has produced a number resources to keep you informed and guide your advocacy on all these issues.

In the Headlines: Research on long-acting PrEP for HIV prevention

AVAC’s Statement on HPTN 083—HPTN 083 stopped the placebo arm of this trial two years early, after a rescheduled review of the data showed the product was at least as good as oral PrEP. AVAC’s statement explains the trial, the findings and talks about what’s next. For a deeper dive into the trial design check out our infographic or the Px Pulse episode on the issue. You can also join an HPTN webinar on the results tomorrow, May 22nd, at 10:30 ET.

COVID-19: Research standing on the shoulders of HIV

Expanding Our Work: Integrating HIV prevention with sexual and reproductive health

AVAC has long promoted a research agenda centered on women, but both the ECHO trial results and the rollout of PrEP have highlighted the urgent need to bring proven interventions for both HIV and sexual and reproductive health to the women who need them. In our blog Programs, Products, Services and Users: HIV & SRH integration is the future of prevention we outline our expanding advocacy to advance HIV/SRH integration, introduce a suite of new resources and our new page on devoted to HIV/SRH integration.