New Resources to Help Navigate the News on HIV and COVID-19

November 19, 2020

The latest news on R&D breakthroughs for prevention of COVID-19 and HIV brings to our lips this call: it’s time to be ready for action with dogged determination to demand transparency, accountability, evidence and equity. In case you missed it, AVAC has new resources to help prepare.

Long-Acting PrEP and the HIV Prevention Pipeline

HPTN 084 Primary Study Results Webinar – Download the HPTN webinar with trial leaders from HPTN 084 who discuss the primary results of HPTN 084.

Landmark Trial in East and Southern Africa Finds Injectable PrEP Safe and Effective for Cisgender Women – Read AVAC’s statement on HPTN 084’s efficacy findings and what must come next.

The Future of ARV-Based Prevention and Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials: Results, milestones and more – Check out the updates to our infographics on the HIV prevention pipeline.

HIV-Specific Neutralizing Antibodies by Target and Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Combinations – We’ve also updated these infographics on broadly neutralizing antibodies in HIV prevention research.

AMP-ticipation: Context and concepts for understanding the AMP Trials – Read this blog to prepare for the forthcoming results from the Antibody Mediated Prevention Study.

Protecting Global Gains – At this recently launched site, Amref Health Africa, AVAC and Friends of the Global Fight have come together to document the impact COVID-19 is having on global health programs and the innovative solutions that are being developed and implemented all over the world.

Global PrEP Tracker – This update of Q3 data shows overall global uptake continued to climb even in the midst of COVID-19. The number of people who have started on PrEP has reached 773,474, an increase of more than 23 percent since the year began.

The Promise and Challenge of PrEP for Adolescent Girls and Young Women – Listen to this podcast from our colleagues at CSIS, which includes perspectives from AVAC and Wits RHI.

Efficacy & Equity: Twin Powers to End Epidemics

Why exciting results from vaccine research are just the beginning of efforts to end COVID-19 – AVAC’s Mitchell Warren penned this Devex op-ed, pointing to important lessons from the field HIV on the steep but scalable challenges of turning highly effective prevention tools into real and accessible options for people in need.

Advocate’s Guide to COVID-19 Vaccine Access – A plain-language guide covering the necessary components for equitable COVID-19 vaccine access to help inform and support advocates.

Treatment Action Group and AVAC Statement on Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Announcement – Read our statement with the Treatment Action Group (TAG) to learn more about what must come next to move forward with COVID-19 vaccines.

Efficacy News from Second COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Underscores Need for Transparency and Cooperation between Outgoing and Incoming US Administrations – Read this statement joint statement from AVAC and TAG to learn how and why US leaders must put people ahead of politics.

At AVAC, we’re watching for more COVID-19 vaccines that may soon join the two now showing efficacy, while our eyes remain firmly on HIV prevention options still in the pipeline. At the same time, no less focus is needed on programs and policies for equitable access. Use these resources to work with health leaders of all stripes to build the systems the world needs for prevention to become a reality everywhere it’s needed.